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Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, and Bernadette Peters are worth way more than a million dollars. It's the industry that's wrong!

Disenchanted movie review & film summary (2022) | Roger Ebert

18 days ago


Disenchanted fails to truly rekindle the magic, or the biting wit of its predecessor.
On Monday, October 31, the students gathered at McGuire Hall to celebrate Halloween by watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This event, co-hosted with Spectrum this year, is a WLOY Halloween tradition....
An all-local cast rehearses for a shadow cast performance of the 1975 cult classic, 'Rocky Horror Picture Show.'

The Rocky Horror Picture Show — Jerk Magazine

20 days ago

  —   Jerk Magazine

The show you’ve been antici…pating!
Neighbours star Jason Donovan has been announced as the headlining act of Castle Roc at Chepstow Castle next summer.
Bizarre. Sexy. Confusing. There are many superlatives to describe Christopher Luscombe's rendition of the iconic '70s musical The Rocky Horror Show, but after
'This may well be the last big movie musical.'
Rocky Horror Picture Show star Richard O’Brien rehearses with Tauranga Boys' College.
Curry was drawn to the psychology of a character more than anything else in a horror movie.
By Mason McDougall, November 15 2022— The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Plaza Theatre is a theatre experience everybody should take part in at least once in their lives. This year, the event took place from Oct. 27-31. Where else but a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show are you allowed to get […]
The director for this year's production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Malaspina Theater said it would be a kind of "go big or go home" show.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at Drew University

23 days ago

  —   The Drew Acorn

At 7 p.m., a line had already begun to form outside of Crawford Hall in anticipation of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and Drew Students were dressed to impress. It was Halloween night, and many …

Where did Rocky Horror go?

23 days ago

  —   Purple Media Network

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is considered by many a cult classic, found in the realm of theater, music and LGBTQ culture. Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s Student Theater Organization and Dear School of Creative and Performing Arts Department of Theater and Dance have put on a yearly performance of the cult classic nearly every...
Waikanae residents Tricia and Stewart Macpherson will travel the country presenting a show that shares insight into their five decades in the entertainment industry.
'We have to stand up and fight deeply for democracy'
Before it became an iconic Auckland comedy venue, The Classic was full of smut, anoraks and sticky carpets.
The Mariposa Arts Theatre company has done it again. Their production of The Rocky Horror Show (running to November 20) isn’t just...

The Redhawk Road to Rocky Horror

a month ago

  —   The Spectator

Receiving red lipstick V’s drawn on their foreheads, Seattle University students flooded the Pigott Auditorium for the Inigo Student Theatrical Production’s fourth annual performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS). A definitive cult classic, the Rocky Horror experience has been defined by its audience participation, including callouts, costumes and a shadowcast for decades. Cast...
Storm clouds gathered on the evening of Nov. 4, as freezing rain pounded down upon hundreds of students while they lined up down University Way from McConnell to Shaw-Smyser Hall....
For the members of the Transylvanian Twists, the Rocky Horror Picture Show means more than you can imagine.

Science Fiction – Double Feature 

a month ago

  —   Dakota Student

Grand Forks Halloween weekend was absolutely terrifyingly fun this year. With everyone going out every night over the weekend, come Monday morning, we were all dead. On Monday, October 31st, at 11:59 PM the Empire Arts Center was booming with people. We all gathered there to see Wild & Untamed Things put on their annual...
'Rick And Morty' Season 6 Part 2 trailer revealed a fan-favorite character returning to the series. Who is it? Find details here!

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW confirms Melbourne season | News

a month ago


A brand-new Australian tour will kick off global celebrations in honour of iconic Rock ‘N’ Roll musical The Rocky Horror Show as it marks its 50th
A yearly classic for the Crown Uptown theater, “Rocky Horror Picture Show” takes the stage for another year.  Wichita State’s very own Dalton Devoe and Clair Kennard, both juniors majoring in music theater, took on leading roles in this year’s production. They became Brad and Janet, the seemingly perfect newly engaged couple, who stumble upon...
Some Halloween movies have become classics: “The Shining,” “Halloween,” “The Exorcist,” “Scream”—the list goes on. But every Halloweekend, the Case Western Reserve University Film Society, with the Voyeuristic Intentions cast, hosts a Halloween production that’s a little more unconventional: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Celebrating its 25th screening last weekend, the Film Society never fails...
Over Halloweekend, cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show returned to the 5Cs, generating large crowds and two memorable shows.

No Refund Theatre Presents: 'Rocky Horror Show'

a month ago

  —   Onward State

The organization presents its own spin on the beloved cult-classic, musical comedy.
“Rocky Horror Picture Show” is known for being sexy, disarming, dangerous and downright dirty. The production is a shadow cast, meaning that while the movie is going on, actors mimic onscreen characters’ actions and dialogue onstage. Another part of the show includes audience participation or callouts. Callouts are things that the audience is aware of....

Rocky Horror Show Opens Tonight at B&O - Business Journal Daily | The Youngstown Publishing Company

a month ago

  —   Business Journal Daily | The Youngstown Publishing Company

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Tonight the Millennial Theatre Company begins three a run of five performances over three days of the classic musical, the Rocky Horror Show. MTC has converted the historic B&O Station near downtown Youngstown as the venue for…
Almost fifty years after the film’s release, the Rocky Horror Picture Show has a dedicated following that passes tradition from generation to generation. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience at the State Wayne theater is the place to experience this. 
Penn State's No Refund Theatre returns to 111 Forum Building this week with a production of the "Rocky Horror Show."

Rocky Horror Picture Show Returns to Ship

a month ago

  —   The Slate

The Slate, serving the Shippensburg University community since 1957.
The Schedler Honors College Council hosted an interactive screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” with several generations of Schedler students Oct. 29 in McAlister Hall.
Since 2009, The Rocky Horror Club has hosted a midnight showing of  “Rocky Horror Shadow Cast” Halloween night at Emens Auditorium, or Pruis Hall, on Ball State University’s campus, with 2022’s event at Emens.
On the late Jim Steinman’s birthday, a look at his far-from-luxury beginnings in New York through the many Manhattan buildings he called home.
People arrived in droves dressed in their most wonderful Halloween chic on Friday for the Irrational Masters’ annual Halloween shadow cast performance of the iconic “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the Egyptian Theatre.  This year they are joined by the band SWEETIE.  “It was a really good turnout,” said cast member Jessica Wellman, who played...
The special screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Wellington Regent Theater was a horrifyingly good time with over 50 costumed ...
The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Lindsay Community Theater was a great success, full of fun, energy, great choreography and marvelous music.
Known for its midnight screening cult status and in-your-face audience participation, “Rocky Horror Picture Show” had its Halloween showing at the Oriental Theatre this Saturday, Oct. 29, which included a costume contest, “virgin rituals” (for any RHPS newcomers) and plenty of edgy humor. 
Large crowds gathered in sweet anticipation as Chicago band SWEETIE rocked out Friday night at the Egyptian Theatre for the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” pre-show.  The band is a trio composed of Birdy Vee, singer and guitarist, Joe Pennington on drums and Sweet Johnny Marble on bass.  “I didn’t know there was going to be...

Barry Bostwick & Barbara Eden live in "Love Letters"

a month ago


America’s long running hit play – pulling your heart strings – and now starring Two Iconic Stars – Barbara Eden and Barry Bostwick!
Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast performances, where actors mimic the 1975 film while it plays on a screen behind them, have been a Wellesley Halloween tradition since 2012, but this year’s directors wanted to do things differently. Co-directors Demeter Appel-Riehle ’25 and Julien Barriere ’24, along with SJ Stephens ’23, who played Dr. Frank-N-Furter, intended to make the October 29 event, co-sponsored by the Shakespeare Society and the Film Society, more thoughtful and inclusive by acknowledging and rejecting the bigotry present in both the film and the culture surrounding Rocky Horror, at Wellesley and beyond. To address the issues, such as transphobic and homophobic stereotypes, head-on, Appel-Riehle, Barriere, and Stephens organized a roundtable discussion with Wellesley’s Office of LGBTQ+ Programs and Services on October 19. Organizers provided detailed content warnings for each scene, prefaced the performance with a speech about the issues of both the culture and the text of Rocky Horror, discouraged gender policing of attendees, whether off-campus guests or Wellesley students, and encouraged all attendees to think critically about the show while also having fun. Barriere, in his director’s speech, was proud to reveal that the majority of the cast and crew of this year’s performance was trans and/or queer, which he said was important to note for a film that caricatures transwomen. Appel-Riehle, Barriere, and Stephens said they want Wellesley’s Rocky Horror tradition to be one that celebrates the diverse identities of Wellesley students and its future as a more inclusive space.
LOGAN — More than 300 fanatic fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show trashed the pristine Utah Theatre here on the evening of Oct. 28. And they had a darned good time doing it, too! There were occasions when you could barely hear the movie’s soundtrack over the ongoing festivities. That’s because those fanatic fans […]
Columnist C.H. Henry argues that
MOORHEAD —  Fans of the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Show” are getting to “time warp” to a new decade in music, thanks to a new production of the stage show launching soon at Concordia College. The show is in rehearsals now and its run is set for early November at the Comstock Theatre in Moorhead. The show is the...
“The teeth in the opening segment look very good for a 1970s teeth” The panel of peril apply their collective lippy, pull on some fishnets, pour a load of food colouring (or something) into a bath and somehow create human (?) life! After which they relax by watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show before trying to improve upon the villain’s diabolical plan for the honour of choosing next week’s film and hosting the pod. This week’s film was released in 1975 and sees engaged, virginal, squares Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon) suffer a car malfunction one drive that sees them having to spend the night at a creepy castle in the middle of nowhere. Populated by a colourful cast of characters including Dr. Frank N Furter (the incomparable Tim Curry), Riff Raff (Richard O’Brien), Magenta (Patricia Quinn) and the titular Rocky (Peter Hinwood), will the paramours make it to the morning – and at what cost? Watch the trailer here: Every 20th Century Fox Fanfare Variation: ********PLOT SPOILER ALERT******** Dr. Frank N Furter is a creature of excess, but at heart they just want to be loved. So much so that Frank is willing to create the perfect lover/companion to satisfy their every need. But will Brad and Janet discover Frank’s diabolical plot, or will they themselves be seduced by the devilishly handsome Doctor? Maybe both, who knows?! (I know) Just what did the panel think of this week’s movie, pray tell? How can they improve upon the villain’s masterplan? And who will be christened this week’s most diabolical? TIME WARP! Original version: Damian cover: Glee cover: Tenacious D cover:

BRB: Rocky Horror Interactive Screenings

a month ago

  —   KX NEWS

BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Get ready to do the time warp and head back to the 70s — it’s that time of year again when the Rocky Horror Picture Show heads back into theaters for inte…

YCQM OCT. 30, 2022

a month ago


Interview with actor Barry Bostwick as he talks about the presentation of the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Flynn Theater in Burlington.

Let's Do the Time Warp Again! | Texarkana Today

a month ago

  —   Texarkana Today

Fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show were treated to the first-ever showing of the film at the Perot Theatre last Friday night. There were costumes, glowsticks, bubbles, singing, dancing in the aisles, comments yelled at the screen, and probably the most enthusiastic demonstration of crowd participation ever witnessed in Texarkana. To illustrate how passionate […]