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Sarandon purchased the 45-acre property near the Massachusetts border in 2018 through her liability company, The Right to Bear Farms.
PRIDE interviews the drag star about the importance of representation and how she feels about being called a lip sync assassin.
Thirty years ago, the rocker’s electric duet with an unknown Geordie made the song a chart-topper. What happened next?
1984’s Monsters of Rock festival at Donington Park boasted an incredible...


2 months ago

  —   LoveBelfast

2023 marks the 50th Anniversary of the legendary smash hit musical The Rocky Horror Show, as it continues to play a newly extended tour through 2023 to sell-out crowds.
The actress, 76, walked the red carpet at the Palazzo della Regione wearing a white broderie jumpsuit.

Rocky Horror Show at Spinnaker - video Dailymotion

2 months ago

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Cast members from The Rocky Horror Show, currently playing at The Kings Theatre, turned up at The Spinnaker Tower and performed the infamous Time Warp, much to the delight of the crowds that had gone there to take in the view! Richard Meek (Brad), Haley Flaherty (Janet), Joe Allen (Eddie), and Darcy Finden (Columbia), put some willing volunteers through their paces to learn and perform the much loved routine. Amongst them were a very enthusiastic scout group, visiting from Epsom, who picked up the moves as quick as a flash and joined in with gusto, as did some of the Spinnaker Tower staff! Rocky Horror opened at The Kings Theatre last night to 5 star reviews and a standing ovation, and is clearly a firm favourite with audiences, as this year the show celebrates its 50th year of performances. The show plays at the Kings Theatre until Saturday 29th July.
The King’s Head Theatre – widely considered the UK’s oldest pub theatre – will close its doors in August after more than 50 years, ahead of relocating to new premises
To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the film’s debut, Taneka Stotts and Margot Atwell are working with Feminist Press to create an anthology of nonfiction essays by queer and trans writers about The Rocky Horror Picture Show , what it means to you, its place in the culture and film history, and mor
Barbie might be a big budget blockbuster about an iconic toy, but it's destined to become a Rocky Horror Picture Show-style cult classic.
​A decade ago as a young teenager, Darcy Finden starred in the Portsmouth Players’ production of The Sound of Music at The Kings Theatre.
The Roxy: 50 Years On The Sunset Strip is the title of a new exhibit at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles commemorating the 50th anniversary of the legendary venue, which is still very much active today. The special new exhibit will launch on Sept. 15 and run until Jan. 4, 2024, and boasts a trove of memorabilia and artifacts tracing

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW Breaks Box Office Records in Melbourne

2 months ago


The 50th Anniversary production of iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll musical The Rocky Horror Show has broken records at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne where it has been enjoying sold out performances with critical and audience acclaim, now becoming the highest grossing show of all time to be staged at the iconic Melbourne venue.


2 months ago

  —   Audio Media International

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Roxy and its enduring relevance, the GRAMMY Museum® announces its newest exhibit, The Roxy: 50 Years On The Sunset Strip, which explores the club’s origins and rich musical history. The exhibit will offer visitors a front-row view of the many musicians that played onstage, the celebrities who mingled upstairs at On The Rox (the Roxy’s VIP space)


2 months ago

  —   Visit Swindon

Ahead of its staging at Swindon's Wyvern Theatre from 28 August to 2 September, Visit Swindon caught up with Richard O'Brien, the writer of the iconic
The screening uses local actors, pool noodles, beach balls and raunchy audience participation
'I don't think anybody expected the amount of enthusiasm that our fans have.'
Already overwhelmed by the three different endings that accompany the cult classic comedy "Clue?" There's another one lost to time, and it's a doozy.
Scottish actor and winner of Strictly Come Dancing Joe McFadden will join the 50th Anniversary tour of the legendary smash hit musical Rocky Horror Show . McFadden will appear in Belfast from 7 August, Southend from 14 August, Nottingham from 21 August, and Swindon from 28 August. Joe said: “I’

Review: ROCKY HORROR SHOW at Pendragon Theatre

3 months ago


What did our critic think of ROCKY HORROR SHOW at Pendragon Theatre?

The Rocky Horror Show Review Leeds Grand Theatre

3 months ago

  —   On: Yorkshire Magazine

The Rocky Horror Show, 50-years old, still raising the rafters at Leeds Grand - and gender identity has never been so topical
The Room dominates cult pop culture no longer, but even its diminished status raises questions about the ways we engage with terrible trash.
In 2003 'The Room' debuted. And now, we're living in an entirely different cinematic world. Here's why the movie is so fun to watch, especially for date night.
For rocky horror picture show, wear a costume or dress outrageously to fit the theme. The interactive movie screenings have created a cult following, with
Susan Sarandon, 76, attended a special screening of the 'Lakota Nation vs. The United States' documentary on Monday in New York City that was executive produced by Mark Ruffalo.
Musical duo Nick Cearley and Lauren Molina will lead the July concert.
We here at That Aged Well apologize in advance for the number of times Erika and Paul say the word “panties” in this episode. While we love them, getting them to s...

Rocky Horror Show arrives in Barcelona in autumn

3 months ago

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Franco had died two years before the first and so far only visit of the Rocky horror show (theatrical version) to Barcelona.

Why Dr. Frank-N-Furter Is The Best LGBTQ+ Villain - Movie & TV Reviews, Celebrity News | Dead Talk News

3 months ago

  —   Movie & TV Reviews, Celebrity News | Dead Talk News

Why Dr. Frank-N-Furter Is The Best LGBTQ+ Villain Nearly 50 years after his debut, Frank-N-Furter continues to be a staple of queer villainy.
Regarding crowd participation at the stage show, O'Brien says, “It became a bit rude, actually.”
Richard O'Brien has revealed that the inspiration for his most famous creation was Dr. Frank N. Furter is the "cute crossdresser," the mad scientist played by
The legend, 81, who played Riff Raff and wrote "Time Warp" admits, "I used to beat myself up about the hand I was dealt," and says of unruly 'Rocky Horror' fan participation: "It became a bit rude, actually."
Musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show is celebrating 50 years on stage.
ATLANTA — For Barry Bostwick in 1975, playing dorky Brad Majors in a weird low-budget film called “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was just an opportunity to do a musical and get a leading role on his resumé.
As the world takes a worrying step to the right, we need The Rocky Horror Show more than ever. Fifty years on, Richard O’Brien reviews its legacy

Old director pins hopes on hot young artist

4 months ago

  —   Australian Financial Review

Veteran director Jim Sharman of Rocky Horror fame is selling off part of his collection of contemporary art, with high hopes for rising star Tom Polo.
Half a century on, the Rocky Horror Show remains a delightful, bizarre and engaging romp that encourages audience participation. Opening night of the 50th anniversary Melbourne production saw plenty of “shout outs” from enthusiastic patrons, acknowledged by narrator Myf Warhurst. With music, lyrics and book by Richard O’Brien, the musical is a tribute to the […]
The Rocky Horror Show returns to Baltimore's Iron Crow Theatre this month in a new, celebratory Pride event.
LONDON — The lips appear first, full, outrageously pouty, fire truck red. Then the pearls, reminiscent of the ones Barbara Bush wore. Then the black bustier, the fishnet stockings, and the high heels. He raises an eyebrow, cocks a hip, and sings, “I’m just a sweet transvestite from TransSEXual Transylvaniaaaaa!” “The Rocky Horror Show,” the […]
Get ready to do the Time Warp, again! Iron Crow Theatre is continuing their annual production of the cult classic to rule all cult classics: “The Rocky Horror Show.” This time it’…
Midnight Terrors is back with a highly anticipated episode! You've heard and seen Kevin talk about how much he is a fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show! You've heard and seen Kevin post about how much he is a fan of the local Rocky Horror Shadow Cast here in Charleston, SC. So finally, Midnight Terrors is ecstatic and proud to welcome the local Rocky Horror Shadow Cast, Charleston's Absent Friends, to the show! The group dives into all things Rocky Horror and being a Rocky Horror Shadow Cast! Tune into hear them talk about their start in Rocky Horror, their favorite callbacks, their favorite memories of being on the cast, what Rocky Horror means to them, and so much more! Also, Midnight Terrors proudly presents our very first video podcast! If listening isn't enough for you...head on over to our brand new Youtube Channel and watch the Rocky Horror talk via video! Link to the video here: you to Charleston's Absent Friends for coming on the show and for being amazing! Everybody please go check out their social medias and be sure to come on out to a show of theirs very soon!
An actor who's been in the Rocky Horror Show over 2,400 times on why it's going strong 50 years on.
Recent protests against drag queen story hours are the latest in a series of actions targeting the increased prominence of displays of LGBTIQ+ culture in the public arena. But drag artists have been strutting their stuff in speakeasies, cabarets and films for a long time now.
Oscar-winning actor Susan Sarandon and her ex-husband, Oscar-nominated actor Chris...
Alex First reviews The Rocky Horror Show for Subculture.
It's time for this month's Patreon voted Episode.  We bring you one of our funniest Episode where we cover the beloved Musical Rocky Horror Film.  Come listen to us as we discuss this film. Starring Mike Albertin, Tiffany Albertin, Bill Tucker, Jaime Tucker, Kenneth Sanity, and Minx Sanity.
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The one thing that will be common in write-ups of the latest production of The Rocky Horror Show is that a lot of reviewers will overthink it.
BBC Radio 2 is to air a special programme celebrating 50 years of The Rocky Horror Show.​​​​​​​
Radio indie Made in Manchester has brought together some of the stars of musical Rocky Horror for a special programme celebrating 50 years of the stage show on BBC Radio 2.