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An actor who's been in the Rocky Horror Show over 2,400 times on why it's going strong 50 years on.
Recent protests against drag queen story hours are the latest in a series of actions targeting the increased prominence of displays of LGBTIQ+ culture in the public arena. But drag artists have been strutting their stuff in speakeasies, cabarets and films for a long time now.
Oscar-winning actor Susan Sarandon and her ex-husband, Oscar-nominated actor Chris...
Alex First reviews The Rocky Horror Show for Subculture.
It's time for this month's Patreon voted Episode.  We bring you one of our funniest Episode where we cover the beloved Musical Rocky Horror Film.  Come listen to us as we discuss this film. Starring Mike Albertin, Tiffany Albertin, Bill Tucker, Jaime Tucker, Kenneth Sanity, and Minx Sanity.
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The one thing that will be common in write-ups of the latest production of The Rocky Horror Show is that a lot of reviewers will overthink it.
BBC Radio 2 is to air a special programme celebrating 50 years of The Rocky Horror Show.​​​​​​​
Radio indie Made in Manchester has brought together some of the stars of musical Rocky Horror for a special programme celebrating 50 years of the stage show on BBC Radio 2.
Collectable digital versions of iconic characters including Frank-N-Furter, Riff Raff, Janet and Brad are bound to be highly sought-after - so don't miss out!

FIRE ISLAND - Cherry Grove Names May 28th. Sal Piro Day!

16 days ago

  —   Back2Stonewall

Two weeks ago we sadly announced that Sal Piro the man for who over 40+ years introduced audiences to “Don’t Dream It. Be It.” mantra of the Rocky Horro Picture Show has passed away. In remembrance of Sal, Cheery Grove has officially announced that May 28 will officially be Sal Piro Day.

A history of camp cinema

17 days ago

  —   Far Out Magazine

Camp cinema deserves more love.
Tim Curry and my wife Suzette. I loved Rocky Horror. Suzette kept giving me suggestions (she's a pro makeup artist)...and I kept screwing them up.
Jason Donovan has stepped into the high heels of Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
While many people think of Susan Sarandon when they think of the movie "Bull Durham," she went to wild lengths to secure her role in the comedy film.
In Spring 2007, the University of Central Florida (UCF) Department of Theatre mounted a production of "The Rocky Horror Show." This thesis focuses on ...

Issue 1561 - Richard O'Brien

21 days ago

  —   Big Issue Store

The Big Issue Store - Shopping with a social echo
Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis star; Ridley Scott directed. An American studio masterpiece has never looked better.
Have you ever heard of a shadow cast? It’s when real actors perform in front of a projected movie, mimicking the actions of the actors on the screen. The New...

Susan Sarandon Arrested While Protesting in New York

a month ago

  —   Entertainment Tonight

The Oscar winner was reportedly arrested for disorderly conduct at the protest site.
Jason Donovan speaks about playing Frank-N-Furter for the 50th anniversary tour of Rocky Horror Picture Show. 
Chris Sarandon and Susan Sarandon to Talk Live at SHU Community Theatre in Fairfield, CT
The details behind the film's cancellation are salacious enough for a theatrical release of their own.
Bringing Taiwan to the World and the World to Taiwan
Set in the world created by Stephen King, the prequel series will expand the ‘It’ universe established by ‘It’ and ‘It Chapter Two’
More than anything, Rocky Horror is about self-acceptance, a sentiment immediately exposed to the audience.
Is it drag or is it theater? That is the question.
Remember Jones will host May 27 event.
Fishnets and corsets at the ready, cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show is coming to Cornwall.
Fifty years ago, Richard O'Brien thought The Rocky Horror Show was "silly nonsense". Now, he tells The Big Issue, he's changed his mind.

Review: Rocky Horror Show – Festival Theatre, April 2023

a month ago

  —   Upside Adelaide

Come on, Adelaide, you know you want to “jump to the left, and take a step to the right”, so book your tickets now and get down to the Festival Theatre for some seriously sexy, exuberant, feel-good…
AS a young man wearing make-up and fishnet stockings, Richard O’Brien could have written a politically correct play about how “marginalised” he felt. Thankfully, the creator of The Rocky Horror Sho…
The smash hit musical was originally premiered to 63 people in London in 1973 after Richard O'Brien wrote it for a bit of fun - five decades later it is still reaching new audiences
Lights are dimmed at today's performances and floral tributes are left outside Adelaide's theatres as the state's arts community pays tribute to actor and comedian Barry Humphries.

'Dame Edna Everage' comedian Barry Humphries dies

a month ago

  —   Yahoo Life

Australian comedian Barry Humphries, whose "Dame Edna Everage" alter ego left audiences in stitches, died aged 89 in a Sydney hospital on Saturday.Former UK prime minister Boris Johnson called Humphries "one of the greatest ever Australians" and "a comic genius who used his exuberant alter egos, Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson, to say the otherwise unsayable.
A "widow from Palmerston North" was a key role in Barry Humphries' most iconic act - but who played Madge?
Rocky Horror Show creator Richard O'Brien takes to the stage again at 81 to mark 50th anniversary of hit musical.

Barry Humphries, aka Dame Edna, Dies at 89

2 months ago

  —   The Hollywood Reporter

He played the housewife from Melbourne on the stage, on television and in films for more than 60 years. "Hello, Possums!" 
Famed for personas that also included the vulgar Sir Les Patterson, Humphries became a household name in a seven-decade career
Mentalist and former Blind Guardian drummer, Thomen Stauch, has released a drum playthrough video for Meat Loaf's "Paradise By The Dashboard Light", featured on the classic album Bat Out Of Hell, released in 1977. Watch below: A selection of Thomen's previous drum cover videos are available below:

Review: Tommy Wiseau’s Big Shark

2 months ago

  —   Quest

Wiseau’s First Film in 20 Years Is Caught In The Wake Of The Room On April 2, I took a break from Qualing to attend the world (pre) premier of Tommy Wiseau’s Big Shark at Portland’s Cinema 21. Apol…

Rocky Horror Show

2 months ago

  —   Australian Arts Review

Jeff Lang takes a look at the Rocky Horror Show - currently playing at the Adelaide Festival Centre until 13 May, before playing the Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, from 18 May; the Crown Theatre Perth from 6 August, and the Canberra Theatre Centre from 29 September 2023.

A timeline of drag’s history in Utah, from 1871 to today

2 months ago

  —   The Salt Lake Tribune

Drag's history in Utah goes back when the state was just a territory. Here's a timeline, from 1871 to today, of notable drag events in Utah.
The Rocky Horror Show celebrates its 50th birthday with its best rendition yet. Get out your best heels and fish nets to go wild with antici...
Many of the Northern Vermont University-Lyndon students who are in the show say they are eager to carry on its subversive legacy, particularly in the context of recent anti-queer violence.

Dame Edna Everage star Barry Humphries in 'serious condition' in hospital

2 months ago

  —   PinkNews | Latest lesbian, gay, bi and trans news | LGBTQ+ news

Australian comedian Barry Humphires, best known as the creator of drag persona Dame Edna Everage, is in a “serious” condition in hospital.
David and Will were joined by David Bedella and Richard O’Brien from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Richard O’Brien’s legendary rock ‘n’ roll musical The Rocky Horror Show, celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year.
Nell Campbell on how a small show in a tiny London theatre became an international hit still going strong 50 years on.  
When the Rocky Horror Show first played in 1973, its creator, Richard O'Brien, never thought it would still be tantalising audiences 50 years later. Now the 81-year-old will take the stage in three of the Adelaide shows in honour of its success.