RHPS News - Raw Data


As of Oct. 2021 this is temporarily disabled as the database has grown to be too big.

This json file contains a real-time dump of every single article in the news site database. It contains over 26,000 articles, with the archive beginning on 2/25/2019.

Please note this archive is *very* large. It will probably crash a text editor if you try to open it. If you are looking to browse or search the data, I recommend using something like Dadroit JSON Viewer. The dump is provided as JSON and can be ingested into any database for additional manipulation.

If you use this data, please attribute and provide a link to rhpsnews.com. There is a *lot* of junk that comes through google. Ebay listings, local shows, tickets postings, podcasts, etc. Good luck.

The JSON Data has the following structure. Not all articles are guarenteed to have all fields present.

        title: String,
        date: String,
        description: String,
        link: String,
        published: Boolean,
        show: Boolean,
        reviewed: Boolean,
        ogData: {
          siteName: String,
          contentType: String,
          url: String,
          title: String,
          description: String,
          image: String
        source: String

Field Type Format Notes
Field Type Format Notes
title String Title of the article from google will not contain markup, characters may be escaped
date String date in iso format example: "2019-02-25T12:47:13.000Z"
description String This will be the fragment of the page that triggered inclusion in the google article. For content that isn't 100% about rocky, this is generally what you need to look at to find out why the article is included. may contain markup
link String url to the article from google
published Boolean if the article was published on rhpsnews.com
show Boolean if the article is promoting a shadowcast / stage show, tickets link, etc
reviewed Boolean if the article has been reviewed for posting on rhpsnews.com
source String Which google alert contained the article. earlier articles will not have this field, as this was untracked until late 2020. Can contain any of the following:
  • Custom Submission
  • rocky horror
  • rocky horror picture show
  • patricia quinn
  • nell campbell
  • tim curry
  • barry bostwick
  • susan sarandon
  • Meat Loaf
  • "Richard O'Brien"
  • Jim Sharman
  • Rocky Horror Show
  • Rocky Horror
ogData String

This is a nested object containing the open-graph (og) data scraped from the page by rhpsnews.com. Not all articles will have this data.

Field Type Format
siteName String The og site name
contentType String The og content type
url String The og page Url
title String The og page title
description String The og page description
image String The og image url